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Congrats to Xtreme. He is sotw winner for week 8. Topic was movie/anime and his sig is below.

I have added a new tutorial to our collection. The custom shape tutorial can be found in our tutorial section. As well, we have a new SOTW Winner. This weak we had to go to a tie breaker round between oJoe and Joe. Confusing names eh? Well in the end, Joe came out on top with a 6-5 win. Congratulations. The Topic was aircraft and the signature is below:

Congrats Grav. You have won our SOTW competition for the third week in a row. You are an amazing graphic artist. Stick with it. The topic was industrial and you can find the signature below. To get in the action on SOTW 7, check out our our SOTW forum. The topic this week is aircraft!

Posted By : Korey 5/27/05
Congratulations. For the second week in the row, Gravity has won our SOTW Competition. The topic of SOTW #5 was star wars and Grav's Image is below

Posted By : Korey 5/21/05
Slicing Tutorials Has been added to the collection
Congrats to Gravity. Signature of the week #4 winner. The topic was horror and all the signatures were very close. Please feel free to join our SOTW contests. This week's topic is Star Wars. Enter the competion at our forum!

Posted By : Korey 5/16/05
I have updated the downloads page, and I am in the process of writing 3 new tutorials

Posted by : Korey 5/11/05
Congratulations to Nytros. He is this weeks SOTW winner. The topic was grunge and his signature is below.

Posted by : Korey 4/26/05
Sidebar tutorial has been added, and we have reached number 1 on Ruff Designs top list. Thanks to all of you who voted for us!

Posted by : Korey 4/23/05
Glass orb tutorials has been added and all bugs have been fixed. If you would like to contribute to our downloads section please send me an email with the file at Otherwise, use the contact page and send me the file later after I send you an email back.

Posted by : Korey 4/21/05
Adroit dezigns has been updated to version 3.0. Some things are not fully finished, but should be completed soon. Enjoy and please leave comments

Posted by : Korey 4/15/05
It is quite possible Adroit Dezigns will be updating to version 3.0 with a new layout and style. As well, top sites has been added in our affiliates section. Check it out and vote for us!


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