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  Custom Shape Tut
Author: Devil_NL
Steps: 8
Words: 2111
Difficulty: Novice

Today i will learn you guys how to creat nice 'Smooth' shapes =)
ok lets begin shall we?

Make a new layer by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N and give it a name if you like.. I named it 'Shape'

Grap your polygonal lasso tool and make sure you have these setting apply'ed:

Now make a selection.. for expamle I made a triangle:

Go to the channels pallete (while holding your selection) and create a new channel:

Now it's supposed to turn black so don't worry ;)

Now fill your selection with white and deselect (CTRL+D) Then do a gausian blur on it, 5 - 10 pixels.. I usualy do 7,5 or 10:

Now go to Image->Adjustments->Levels or go there by simply pressing CTRL+L, now move the sliders till your shape is nice smooth.
I used these settings and they work for me most of the time:

Now CTRL click the Channel you created and go back to the layer's pallete, fill your selection there on the layer you want the shape on:

Now apply some cool effects on it by using layer styles and filter effects. I got this:

You have now finnished your custom shape!!
Final Image:

Just let your imagination let do the work :D

Goodluck hope you guy's learned something from this tutorial and plz take the one moment to register, and maybe be active here... we are a starting Design Group and we need new members ! thank you!


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