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Adding a pattern to your images

Hello, in this tutorial you will learn how to add a pattern to your images.
Patterns can be used in many variations and they can be used in almost any image.
Here I will show you how to make a few of many patterns that can be used.
First, lets teach you how to make a pattern. Open up a new document with 2 pixels height and 1 pixel wide. Zoom in all the way by pressing control and +.
Now take your brush tool and on one of the two fill it with black like below.
Scan Line
After you have done this, go edit define pattern. Save it as Scanlines.

Now, open the image you wish to put patterns in and create a new layer on top of everything. On the new layer, go edit>fill. Choose pattern and then pick the one you just made. Now, on that layer set the opacity to about 20. Result should look like below


Original: Before Scan Lines
Result: With Scan Lines

You have just created a scanline pattern.

You can make many new patterns by repeating this process. Here are two more with the dimensions of the images to make them! Enjoy.

5x5 pixels
Grid Pattern

Grid Pattern

Diagonal Scanline

Diagnol Scanline

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