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Hello in this tutorial you will be learning how to make this simple signature in just a few steps:

1) Open a new image any size is fine. I used 500x429.

2) Fill the original layer with black. On the same layer apply Filter<render<lens flare. Brightness 100. 50-300mm zoom. Apply 4 of them as seen in the image below.


3) Next, on the same layer apply Filter<Sketch<Chrome Settings:
Detail: 4
Smoothness: 7

4) Duplicate this layer and apply a filter<blur<radial Blur on the new layer. Zoom amount=50
SEt the blending mode on this layer to overlay!

5) Yes it looks wierd, but be patient! Save the image below onto your computer and open it into photoshop. Once you have it open, press ctrl+a and it should select the whole image. Press control+c and go back into the image we were working on before. Press control V. Now move this layer so it completely cover image and set the mode to overlay.!

6) Next go to your layers pallette and press the eye next to your original layer (the chrome one without radial blur applied)
Your Image should look similar to this:


7)Last but not least, lets make it into a signature. Crop the image down to a size you want it. NOTE: Select the best part of your image that you like the most!

8) create a new layer. THis layer we will make a border. Press control+a and go edit<stroke and apply with these settings:

Stroke SEttings
9) last but not least add some text and your done. In the signature at the top I added a tech brush but this is optional.

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