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Hello, in this tutorial you will learn how to use actions in photoshop. Actions, although not very well know, are extremely useful and they can cut the time it takes you to do something in half or more! This example will show you how i add my text and logo to all of my images.

First open an image 500x500. Fill the background by going edit>FIll>black. Now in your history pallete, click on the actions tab. it looks like below:

Now, if you are using photoshop seven you will see a default action set. These come with photoshop. (check em out when you get a chance. Some are very cool)
For this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make your own set of actions so you can add more in the fututre. Click the "add new action set which is circled in the image below.

A window will appear. You can name your set whatever you want. I name mine "My actions."

Now Click on your set and click the "add new action button. I have it circled in the image below. Name this action adding text. Then press record. Note, this is just so you can learn what an action is. You can delete this action at the end if you wish and make your own.

Now, you should still be recording (you can tell by looking at the actions tab, if the circle is red you're recording. If your not, just simply click the circle.

In your canvas add some text with your text tool and put it in the center of your image. Mine looks like below.

Press the stop button after you have added your text. The stop button is a little square in the actions pallette. Now, if all you did was add a text layer, your actions pallette will look like this.

Now, Open a new document, fill the background with grey. After this is done go to your actions pallete, click on "adding text action" which is under your action set. Press play and watch what happens. If you have done it correctly, it should add the text for you. Yes, actions are wonderful. You can create your own actions by repeating the same process! Another great example of this use could be to add your own watermarks into your images. This will prevent people from taking your images because they will have a copyright on them. Enjoy and be sure to get more involved in Adroit Dezigns by signing up on our forum if you like our tutorial!!

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