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Abstract Signature Tutorial

Webmasters Note: This site will require you to install a Photoshop brush pack. Instructions for installing the pack are included in the zip file. You MUST have Photoshop version 7.0 or higher for this to work.

Click here for the required brush pack 1.2MG for this tutorial

First create a new document about 300x100.

Now, fill your original layer with white. Then create a new blank layer. You should have two layers now, one blank and one filled with white.

On you blank layer, play with your abstract brushes until you get an effect similar to below.

Adroit Dezigns . com

Next create a new layer and set this mode to overlay before you even do anything. After set to overlay,
Play with the brushes again until you get a few darker areas like seen below.

Adroit Dezigns . com

Now, all that is left to do is create a color balance layer. After adding some text and a border this is my result.

Adroit Dezigns . com

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