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Making your own logo

First, create a new document and fill the background layer with black.

Create new layer and select your polygonal lasso tool. Make any type of selection you want. Here is mine. It looks very technical, your does not have to be like this.

Now fill your selection with white, and deselect (press control d)

Next, duplicate your layer that has the white on it.

From here you have two options.

  • Option 1

Just take your duplicated layer and go edit-transform-flip horizontal.
Here is my result:
Option 1

  • Option 2

Or you may take your duplicate your layer, go edit-transform-fliphorizontal and then move it over like I did in my image.

Option 2
There you have it. A great logo for your website banners or other things. This method was used in creation of the adroit dezigns logo.

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