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This tutorial will show you how to make your sig look like it is enclosed in glass as seen here


1) Open up the signature you wish to add this effect to.

2) Grab the elliptical marquee tool and select a selection like this across your sig.

3) Press control-shift-I and you will get a selection like this
Selection Inversed

4) It gets confusing here so pay attention. With your selection still selected, go up and choose the rectangular marquee tool. While holding alt make a box across the bottom of your sig such as below.
Selection Minus Shown

5) If your selection now looks like the one below you did it right
Final Selection

6) Now for the easy part! Create a new layer with the selection still selected. Fill your selection with white *ON THE NEW LAYER*.
After it is filled with white you may deselect
Now press the add layer mask button which is the bottom of the layer palette. It looks like this.
Layer Mask Button
7) Set your foreground and background colors as shown below
Color Pallette
8) Now select the gradient tool (shown below) and drag from the top of your selection to the bottom.Gradient Tool

9) In your layers palette the layer should look like this and your done!
Final Layer

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