Hello. In this tutorial you will learn how to cut out parts of an image and make them transparent as seen in the image below.

Lets get started.
First open the image you want to add this effect to. ( I used an image i made for our thermal image tutorial. Check it out if you dont have a background yet ) .Merge all of the layers into one and name it "Background."

First select your rectangular marquee tool.
Now, drag this tool across your image to make box like selections. To add more than one selection, hold the shift key. My selection looks like below. *I provided two images. One with the selection in photoshop. The second one is the same selection but I filled it with black to make it a little easier to see.*

Now, once you have a selection you like, press Ctrl+Shift+I. This will inverse your selection. Mine now looks like below.

Now press your delete key. It should make the selected area transparent.

Now we will add a stroke. Do not deselect yet. With your selection, go Edit>stroke and use these settings.

*NOTE: I used white because I knew it was going to be used on this black background*

Here is the most important step. When you are saving a transparent image like this, you must save it as a .gif. If you do not and you save it as any other image file, the transparent parts will turn automatically white. So, go file<save for web and use these settings. When you use it now, all the areas you deleted will be transparent

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you wish, check out our forum and get more involved with Adroit Dezigns!

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